Q?Can I have more than 1 pawn at a time?

Yes, you can have as many loans out as you like. However, the 120 day rule applies to each individual loan (pawn).

Q?What is the interest rate charged?

Rates differ according to the amount lent and are set by the State of California.  Please call or come in for a list of current rates.

Q?My loan is due and I don’t have the original loan amount?

Simply pay the accumulated interest charge and the loan can be rewritten for another 120 days. You will continue to accrue interest charges.

Q?What is the pawning process?

Pawning is just another term for a loan. You bring in an item and based on the items “like” value a loan amount is determined. The item is then held in storage as collateral until the loan plus the interest is redeemed. If the item is not redeemed within the loan terms the item is forfeited and becomes property of Santa Rosa Pawn.

Q?Santa Rosa Pawn Policies

Pawn - Must be 18 yrs old and have a valid ID.  All loans must be paid in cash

Buying (selling to store) - Must be 18 and have a valid ID

Layaway - 90 day term, 1/3 down, balance due in 90 days.

Purchases (retail) (no age restrictions except on knives) All sales are final–

Refunds - No cash refunds, store credit only with receipt.

Credit cards accepted.